Joy and Play

  • Music brings me so much joy. I sing soprano in the church choir and get my music that way. But, I realized I wasn’t spending as much time with music at home. Time for the calendar. I added times to play the piano, to listen to music and

  • We are heading into the busiest season of the year. How about we pause for a few minutes to see what was great about November? Some things for me: Barnes and Noble with a friend for a late birthday present Beginning the Time Class New clients

  • For me, Christmas time is much more hectic for me than Thanksgiving. So for quite a few years we have done Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas. It’s also nice to be able to say how much we are thankful for our friends and family. Today

  • What are you not allowing yourself to do? I know so many people that have something they love, that gives them energy, that lights them up. But, they don’t let themselves do them. There is always an excuse – no time, too tired, the

  • Free time and downtime are an important part of well-being. But, many times people get antsy when they aren’t being productive or use an entertainment vehicle like the internet or TV to zone out. Maybe you have forgotten what you even like

  • For the past 58 my grandparent’s church (and my Mom’s old church) have gone camping over Labor Day weekend. It’s been the the same spot most of those years, but we had to go to a new spot this year. We still had a lot of fun