• I was looking for a baby shower gift and thought this would make a great blog post too. When I had babies there was a lot less stuff needed. I am imagining some things have gotten simpler and easier with new products. But, some are just a waste

  • I noticed as I was picking up my daughter last night, that the houses with the most lights have houses next door with lots of lights as well. Perhaps instead of neighborhood rivalry there is sibling rivalry at your house. If your sister bakes 5

  • My daughter and I have an annual tradition. Before the hectic season starts we take a Saturday and make Thanksgiving cards. I find I have more creative and loving space to do the cards in November, then I do for Christmas cards in December.

  • I was having a conversation with some people as we were talking about compassion. Being sensitive, empathetic and understanding towards others. And the biggest controversy actually showed up as they talked about people they really can’t be