• I shared the method I use for my work: Pomodoro Method. 25 minutes work – 5 minute break. But, what to do on your break? It seems like such a short time. Yet even 5 minutes can bring your focus back. Here are some work break options: Walk

  • During my Change Your Relationship to Time class, I talked about how important work breaks are for focus and energy. A regular break schedule is helpful if you can do that. Research says the maximum people can stay focused is 90 minutes. So if

  • It is easy to get sucked into reading email every time it beeps. But then we might not get anything done. I am continually reminding myself if I open email I have to do something with it besides read it. In a Forbes article on how millionaires

  • I was disturbed when I read this article, about a women whose life looked perfect from the outside and social media but she killed herself. In the article Beth Landam writes, “Increasingly, most of us are living two lives: one online, one

  • I’ve had quite a lot of emails saying they can’t remember the password to the calendar. Or to the chat room. Each site has different rules – must contain a number, must contain a special character, must not contain a special