• "Mummy, look at me!" "Mummy, look at me!" I was swimming at a pool in Charlotte after having a wonderful weekend with Marcia and two other moms I met. There was only a little girl of about 4 or 5 and her mom with me. The

  • Today is a very windy day here in Michigan. As I drove my daughter to school, I saw a seagull flying against the wind. And going nowhere. That picture reminded me of my day yesterday. Photo by Brea Dargis The day began with a tech emergency.

  • Too often when we hit a roadblock in something we are doing, we plow ahead. And end up spinning our wheels. The project or task seems so hard. But, it has to get done so we keep going. If we step away, even for 5 minutes, we may come back to an

  • I am so excited with a new lab I discovered in my Gmail Account. This one lab cuts the email I see in my email box immensely and quickly. If you have Gmail, go to the gear at the top and click on labs. Scroll down to SmartLabels to enable.

  • I’m not really an "As Seen on TV" person, but I couldn’t get my corkboard jewelry board to stay up. So when I saw UGlu at Michael’s I thought I would try it out. I was able to get my board to stay up quickly and it

  • With Jon’s death, I got connected to many of his friends through Facebook. Lots of oversharing by teens going on. I know the only way my kids could be on facebook is if they friended me. And it’s not just teens. Many adults are