• With Jon’s death, I got connected to many of his friends through Facebook. Lots of oversharing by teens going on. I know the only way my kids could be on facebook is if they friended me. And it’s not just teens. Many adults are

  • I am not a inbox zero proponent. I think if you manage to get to the bottom of your email everyday, you may be spending too much time on email. I usually have about 40 in my inbox at any time. I get to the important ones then once a week I do

  • Sometimes we make simplifying complicated. We see it as a big project. "Decluttering is too much work. Working out our finances is tedious. Discovering what is important is too difficult," we think. But, what if we thought it was easy?

  • Since I use Gmail for all my email (all my email addresses get synced to Gmail), Google Contacts was the obvious solution for housing my contacts. You can import and export allowing you to consolidate all your contacts. And you are able to tag

  • To make it easier this season, there are wonderful printables that creative people made and share with us. Gift certificates – for getting out of chore cards, rent a movie day, dinner out with Mom, stay up 1/2 hour later, etc. Games,

  • I love to play around with to do list software. But many are either too complicated or too simple. I have been using Swift To Do List for the past month and it’s actually working for me. You can put to do’s and memos/notes into the

  • I know a few people that loved connecting on Facebook, but had to drop out because of the time it took to scroll through all the application posts. The solution is Facebook Lite. You get to it by logging in with your facebook username and