• In my desk makeover blog post, I had a few people ask why I have two monitors. I had been reading about how two monitors increases productivity. (Studies show 20-30% improvement.) I use the computer a lot in my work. But, I wasn’t going to

  • When prices went up at the grocery store, I decided it was time to make my own yogurt. Having a daily yogurt was getting expensive. Now I’m not a canning, cook everything from scratch, handy in the kitchen type person. I’m learning

  • We spent the weekend camping – no cell phone reception and no internet. For three days. And it felt great. I felt great. I was more energetic and felt unbelievably alive. So I am going to do a no technology evening this week and say no to

  • My computer was dragging and numerous scandisks, virus scans, ad-aware scans and disk defrags didn’t do anything. Time to start over. After my husband wiped the computer, I only installed the programs I use regularly and will install the

  • I hate when I print something off the web and end up printing more than I had wanted. Most of the time I copy and paste to Word, but that takes time. HP has a free download program that allows you to move web stuff around and even combine info

  • Photo by Baskyes Some days it seems like I spend all my day hooked up to some kind of technology – computer, TV, smartphone… How can you stop technology from taking over your life? Do things without technology at least sometimes I