• Many of my clients have a hard time getting back to work after a much deserved work break. And I may have that tendency sometimes myself, though a few changes have drastically reduced those times. Taking work breaks Work breaks are extremely

  • I was tagged by Marcia to write my 5 favorite sites:, especially her Mood Changer. You click on your mood and out pops the perfect articles. Alternatives for Simple Living – I read their thought for the day, every day.

  • I was at a conference last week. I vainly thought I could still blog, exercise daily, wake up early every day. Yeah, right. Sometimes you just can’t do it all. One part of your life takes over the rest for a short time. For mother’s

  • When you are simplifying your life, what are you making room for? SuperViva lets you create a life list and see other ideas for adventures and goals. I put up a list a few days ago after thinking for a couple of weeks: Things I Want To Do

  • How many hours does junk mail waste for you? There are places to write and things to do to get you off some of those lists. But, it can be hard to make the time. You can go to Green Dimes¬ and they will get you off the junk mail and catalog