• If you enjoy reading blogs, but realize they take up more time then you have, it’s time to view them in a blog reader. Instead of bouncing from site to site seeing if a blog has been updated, you subscribe to a feeder that brings any

  • One of my readers has developed an online site called Dreaminder. You are able to think about what your dream is, write it down and then Dreaminder will send your dream back to you in the future. Then you can compare your life at the moment to

  • I noticed my site was down today with an ominous note on it. I wrote my web host, who said that they had to take down my site since I am a PayPal phisher. Apparently someone hacked into my site and added this PayPal script thingy. My web host

  • Another fun way to track habits you want to create is Joe’s goals. I’ve been using it to track my sleep and a few other habits I want to develop. It’s simple to use. Just make up a goal (it can be either a positive goal you

  • I’ve been doing a modified version of David Allen’s Getting Things Done for awhile now and it is working so well for processing to do’s, I thought I’d share it. Using Gmail has made my processing quicker since most of my

  • I saw the perfect color green. Then I had visions of that color on my web site and lightening things up a bit. Check out the new site design and let me know what you think:

  • Sometimes technology is not so nice :)√ā¬ I had been doing all my own web design and graphic design for years. But, I have just started delegating some of the work, like getting my blog back up. My son has also been learning some of my business