Change of Plans


This morning my son was riding his moped to school and hit a rock. He skidded banging his helmet, ripping his jeans and scraping his arm, side, hand, foot and knee. The police brought him home and it took an hour to go to the store for the biggest bandages they had, patch him up, drive him to his moped, check it out and watch him drive off to school again.

I’ve been talking with friends recently about things coming up in our days that change our plans around. You know, emergencies, family dropping by, a cold, a phone call from a friend that needs are help.

The funny thing is we act shocked when something pops up to change our plans. Even though just about every day something happens. Yesterday there was a work emergency. Sunday it was my son not getting out of bed when I asked so we were almost late for church. Then finding out I was an hour off so we were actually early. Monday had a last minute meeting.

Do you you have room in your schedule for life happening? Is there an extra hour or two, so you don’t become completely frazzled if events don’t go smoothly? It may be time to plan less in your day so you can live more. No matter what life brings you.


  • Pamela says:

    I have room for those certain happenings, but some of them are really unpredictable. It may be the same situation, but with entirely different factors which can lead to a different outcome.

  • Alan says:

    I also prepare my schedule for this kind of event, but it’s never the same situation. These events are probably there for us to help us realize things we didn’t have time to consider before.

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