Changing of the Seasons


I love the changing of the seasons. This past weekend was changing from summer to fall. You may have done this already, be doing it in the next month, or next year in the other hemisphere.

The reason I do a change of seasons prep is so I have more room for what is active. I have no need for sandals in a Michigan winter. So I change out clothes, shoes, decorations and sheets.

Here are some tips to make the transition smoother:

  • Wash clothes before you change them out or you will have lone tank tops floating around while everything is packed away.
  • Put on some fun or lovely music to make it more pleasant.
  • As you take down the other season’s clothes, you can keep some short sleeves to layer but notice the colors. Coral and turquoise remind me of summer so I pack them away.
  • See what you didn’t wear all season. Is it time to give it away?
  • Perhaps it doesn’t fit. Then either give it away or pack it away with the out of season clothes regardless of what season they are.
  • You can put out of season clothes in an out of the way closet, under bed storage or in a box in the basement.
  • Don’t forget the pajama drawer.
  • Write down if you notice anything missing in your wardrobe. Maybe you notice you don’t have a classic black pant anymore or your favorite blazer is no longer fit for public.
  • Schedule in your calendar when you will switch seasons again. If you are afraid you will forget, note where you stored the out of season.
  • If you like flannel sheets or such in winter, you can store away summer sheets. I like two winter sheet sets and two summer sets. You don’t usually need more than that for one bed.
  • As you tuck away sandals for boots or vice versa, also check for any shoes you didn’t wear all season.
  • Are there any shoes that need replacing? I had to let go of my favorite brown loafers. Scuffed, broken, and no longer with a shape. So I sadly got rid of them and now need a replacement since this are my go to fall shoes.
  • Keep less decorations. I have only one box for each season/holiday except Christmas. I can switch out decorations quickly. I don’t like a lot of decorations because they take up useful space. I don’t need to be reminded of what holiday it is every where I look. For fall I put up a welcome shovel with a pumpkin painted on it for the porch along with two other porch decorations. I created two fall vignettes on the living room entertainment center. I tucked a fall leaf thing among things on my desk. Then I got out the fall towels. Quick, quick, quick.
  • If changing everything out at once seems overwhelming. Do a little each day until it’s done.

What are your favorite changing of the season tips?




  • My favourite tip is to Konmari first (or do a good declutter) and then your changing out your seasonal clothes is so much more pleasant 🙂

  • Amy says:

    I love your second to last one, and noticed I’ve started doing this “less is more” approach too. I like it so much more and it’s so much easier. What you say is so true…”I don’t need to be reminded what season it is everywhere I look.”) Now that I notice I’ve gradually been moving toward that minimilist decorations, I want to do it more with intention, and want to go through & declutter the seasonal items I have accumulated through the years. Another thing for me…I always say I “take my cues from what’s actually happening outside my window and in nature.” If it’s still feeling like summer, the foliage outside is still mostly green and my summer flowers still look good on my deck, they stay, and I mirror the colors and feel of the season indoors too, gradually changing. So, for this season, when the leaves actually change, and the colors are fall all around, by then I’ve got the pumpkins and fall colors out. I always take the cues from nature…but I’m here in the Northeast so we have those definite changes.

  • Cheryl says:

    Dear Beth,
    I live in New Zealand, so today I have done a bit of change out towards summer.
    I really just want to say that I appreciate you!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Why thank you, Cheryl!

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