Today I have really been focusing on my decision making. I am stopping before making habit decisions to ask myself if this is a strengthening postition or weakening. Instead of grabbing the candy I asked if this was strengthening my goal for health or weakening. Definitely weakening! I went for yogurt instead. I really didn’t want to exercise this morning, but ask myself about which choice was strengthening. I did my yoga and pilates and felt so much better afterwards.

I really wanted to go out to dinner tonight instead of cooking, but asking the question and knowing I am on a spending fast I took a pizza out of the freezer instead.

By this evening I had forgotten to ask myself and ended up on the couch eating cookies. Hmm.

I think I will continue asking myself this question tomorrow as well.


  • Astrid says:

    Asking questions : Today I set as goal to get all the laundry done … that means back in to the closets ! All beds freshly made etc ….. then I remembered that the library is reserving a book for me until today … normally I would jump in my car and be off …. today I made the choice to stay with the teadious task … but I know when it is done … I did it and maybe tomorrow the book might still be at the circulation desk …..

    Spending fast …. left over “weekend- steak” … wodka sauce (from a jar with a little extra help) and pasta …. home made meal …. with just a little inspiration it will taste as eating out … at home !

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Astrid, excellent job staying with the task and strengthening your resolve. What book were you waiting for?

    That weekend steak sounds splendid!

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