Christmas Joy and Peace

I am reading a lovely devotional called Preparing My Heart for Advent: A Spiritual Pilgrimage for the Christmas Season. In it Ann Marie Stewart asks a questions, “What is distracting you from Christmas joy and peace?” I contemplated that one for awhile.

In Romancing the Ordinary, Sarah Ban Breathnach shares the myth of the ‘Perfect Christmas’. We go crazy trying to create this perfect day and it never goes completely smooth.

Instead we can concentrate on meaning and enjoying Christmas with our senses. Simple things like simmering cinnamon and water in a crockpot for a delightful smell. 1 lovely nativity scene can be more meaningful and serene than a jumble of decorations. Your great grandma’s recipe for banket can connect you with family better than a whole plateful of different cookies. Better yet, make it with your sister or kids. Send Christmas cards early or in the New Year when you have more time to write and think. When it is less of a task and more of wanting to relate to other people.

This year don’t make perfection your goal, but rather peace and joy. How are you going to create peace and spread joy?