Cleaning Out My Closet

The trickiest place to keep organized in my whole house is my office closet. One reason is because I live in a 90 year old house and the closet is the weirdest shape. The closet goes under the stairs so the door is at the right and then the closet just gets smaller and smaller towards the left. We had to put in three lights that you press just so we could see in there.

Secondly, is the catch-all nature of the closet. It needs to hold books, office supplies, scarves, beach bag with the towels and suits, the picnic basket, tote bags, paper memorabilia which I don’t want in the damp basement and the farmer’s market basket. We don’t have a coat closet, linen closet and our bedroom closet is laughably small.

This office closet had become unwalkable again, so it was time to cull. I got rid of a box of promotional totebags, a coat I no longer wore, and a 20 year old phone. I found my other boot (I was wondering where that was!) and enclosed some blankets so I could bring them into the basement. Now I can walk in there again.

I have a small bookshelf in the clloset for books and on the right side of the closet are shelves for office supplies and file folders. I was excited to be able to combine a few boxes so I had more room on the shelves. Did I really need 3 misc boxes? I made sure the labels on the boxes were facing out so I could find them. The box labeled adhesives was hiding the label under the lid of the box. 

I have hooks all over the walls for tote bags, scarves and purses. Things were re-hung.

I removed a few things that belonged further back into storage from an easier to access shelf. Then I was able to put my picnic basket up so it didn’t get stepped on, along with a box of things I use more often.

I love going into a new year with a clean closet!