Clearer Than You Think

Clarity is an important piece to having a simpler life. Otherwise you end up with a simpler life, but one that is not fulfilling.


Too often we think we are confused and don’t really know what we want. But, really we aren’t listening.

I’m sure you’ve gotten inklings that something wasn’t right or something wasn’t right for you. But, you plowed ahead anyway. Maybe you are afraid if you knew what you wanted, your life would be so far from that you would get depressed.

But, I’ve found simple changes moving in the direction you want to go are how the simpler life usually happens. It’s rarely like a TV or book where the house and cars get sold and someone ends up in the country living off the land.

You need to tune into the little inklings. Maybe your stomach always churns up near a certain client. That may be notifying you that this isn’t the type of client you want in your life. Or you are in a volunteer meeting and you think – why am I here? I’m not even passionate about this cause. Or your body suggests grilled pineapple instead of ice cream for dessert. Or you get the urge to connect with a person or project even though you seem not to have the time.

Keep tweaking so the things you want less of in your life get moved out of the way so the things you want in your life can have prominence.

You are clearer than you think.


Photo by Phillie Casablanca