Clearing Out

In the Moving Towards Simplicity Questions, I ask What Do You Want to Clear Out? The fastest way to get clarity in finding out what is important to you, is to clear out what you know isn’t working. Now that you know what you want to clear out – clutter, bad habits, time suckers it’s time to take action.

Look at your calendar and pick a day in the near future that you can go through a lot of the items. Usually I say a little at a time, but if you want to really simplify quickly take a day to clean it up. Or a couple 1/2 days.

Let’s say one Saturday you do a 3 hour declutter, set yourself up to replace a bad habit, get to the bottom of your paper pile and begin a 30 day no complaining pledge.

And then one Sunday you do journaling and practices to help you work through old emotions and patterns and set up check in time to work with your emotions regularly.

What day (s) can you set aside to clear out?

List a few things you will clear out during that time.


Clear out with the Declutter Group