I watched the movie, “Click” last night. And it was pretty inspiring (yes, and parts were crude and sophmoric :). It’s about someone wasting their life in fast forward and acting on autopilot waiting for the next big career move. Then he realizes how he missed his kids growing up and moments with his wife and parents.

I know I’ve gone on autopilot before. Saying, “uh, huh” as the kids are talking, but not really paying attention. Doing chores with just the hopes of getting them done while I think of other things. Talking on the phone while doing something else. Most of my multi-tasking.

One of the reasons I like a simpler life, is so I have time to pay attention to the people around me. And feel the flow of what I am doing. I want to actually live my life instead of sleep walk through it – waiting for the next big thing.

After the movie, I turned off my phone and I played a board game with my daughter.