Cluttered Home and Cluttered Mind


One of my readers said she had too much going on with her cluttered home and cluttered mind. She couldn’t think clearly or focus.

I’m sure many of you relate. Often clutter starts because we are afraid of forgetting something so we start a pile. Bills to be paid in this corner of the desk, the letter to respond to is in a pile with random paper to sort, pieces of a project are on the piano bench, and you don’t want to forget to write that thank you note for the Christmas present so that is still out.

Soon, so much clutter is everywhere you tune it out. Your brain doesn’t like all that stimulation so it shuts off your ability to see and notice.

Then you forget all you were trying to remember. Or you try to store it all in your mind, but that holds so much at a time. You feel like something is falling through the cracks.

Decluttering and having systems for sorting and paper and such can keep your mind clearer. You won’t have that wound-up, tight feeling in your body of trying to control what feels out of control.

Where do you feel out of control? Can you take a few minutes to tidy, declutter and/or write action steps down in that area?

My declutter group starts on Monday and we will be doing a whole week on paper decluttering, sorting and paper systems. We’d love you to join us!

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