Simplicity Sessions

Do you need a coaching burst to get you over a barrier, conquer something you are procrastinating on or to jumpstart your change?

Simplicity Sessions can bring your forward towards your goals in one short session.

Maybe it’s a phone call you have been too scared to make. We could talk and you could get encouragement and strength to call. Then after your call you could call or email me your accomplishment.

Maybe you are unsure what to do next. We could talk and uncover what is next for you.

Maybe you have a box to declutter that you haven’t opened for 4 years, fearing what is there. We could declutter your box together while you are on the phone with me.

Maybe you want to create a routine or schedule that works for you.

What is stopping you from your progress? Do you just need a little push without wanting to commit to a month of coaching?

What is making progress on your goal worth to you? What would it feel like to finally move past that barrier? How would you feel to have accomplished something you have been putting off?

One 30 Minute Simplicity Session:


Get Your Simplicity Session

Once you order, if I don’t contact you within 24 hours, go ahead and email me at beth [at]