Come alive every day


In Victoria Moran’s book, Younger by the Day, she writes about way you can feel more alive and ways that make you feel tired and no energy. Here are my lists.

A part of me dies when I…

  • don’t take time for quiet time
  • get too busy
  • watch dark, depressing movies or TV
  • am with people that are negative or highly critical
  • am around dream squashers
  • can’t hear myself think
  • don’t check in with myself
  • act like a couch potato
  • am not challenging myself
  • let fear stop me
  • do mindless shopping, eating, living
  • don’t live in integrity
  • do too much housecleaning
  • act ungrateful
  • don’t speak up
  • don’t keep a promise

I feel extraordinarily alive when I…

  • dance, sing and play the piano
  • have uninteruppted quiet time
  • watch a soul lifting movie
  • help someone else
  • have deep conversations with friends or family
  • play with the kids
  • bike, hike, walk, do yoga and pilates, swim
  • savor a meal
  • pet my cat
  • enjoy nature
  • take a risk
  • do something creative
  • write
  • give thanks
  • go to the beach, bookstore or museum
  • see art or make art
  • touch

I am off to do some alive making going on a fall scavenger hunt with the kids.

What makes you feel alive?

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