Comfort Queen – Chapter 22 Insights


Last time we learned about the Crooked Path finder. In Chapter├é┬ 22 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden├é┬ writes about the first one. “Insight functions like a flashing neon beacon beeping, ‘Here is your unfolding path. Pay Attention.'”

What are three to five insights you have had in your life recently? You can find them by scanning in your journal, listening to your body, noting what you answered with certain questions, talking with friends, go into retreat with the intention of finding insights, write down dreams, recall parts of books that have roused you recently.

Avoid dutiful insights. Record the insights that feel “juicy, clear and yours.” Put them on 3 x 5 cards. Ask questions about them to see if you want to integrate the insight into your life. Values, beliefs, passion, reactions, stress, spiritual. She has some great questions in her book.

Now the ones you want to integrate into your life, change the insight to a “How can I” question. How can I slow down? How can a laugh more? How can I create meaningful connections? How can I experience more play in my life?

Bring your cards with you or post them so you become more aware of your insights.

Ask yourself, “What would it look like if I saw myself clearly integrating this insight?”

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