Comfort Queen – Chapter 23 – more insights


Last time we learned about inisghts. Well insights are not all funテつ and games.テつ In Chapterテつ 23 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Loudenテつ says that attempting to live one of your insights is certain to stir your personal demon swamp. When you choose awareness you find the parts of you that are “damp, dark and dubious.”

Time monsters and shadow comforts come out to visit. We turn to the familiar instead of working through what might be more satisfying, but harder. Try resisting the shadow comfort – mindless TV, junk food, etc. and remain conscious to your uneasiness.

What are your favorite shadow comforts and time monsters?

I admit here that my shadow comforts are chocolate, watching too many DVD’s and zoning out with a novel. As for time monsters there is that surfing the webテつ that I do claiming research. running errands more than once or twice a week, and holding on to too much stuff that I need to maintain.

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