Comfort Queen ~ Chapter 29 Intentions


In Chapter 29 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden defines the 3rd of the Crooked Path Finders. Intention is “an aim that guides action.” So from Insights you discover your Yearnings, then you get into action through intentions.

One of the ways intention works is by bringing hope to the present. Intention works by showing the feelings behind your dreams. Instead of just visualizing what you want, you focus on how you want to feel.

Jennifer has an exercise for us – look through your insight and yearnings lists. Now ask, “How will I feel living this dream?” Intention helps keep you centered and less controlling. You don’t need to picture every detail of how you want your life to look. Instead keep how you want to feel as the focus of your intention.

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  • I appreciate Jennifer’s reminder about how important it is to have an intention and charge it up with how you want to feel. I have been playing with and exploring that idea of a feeling charged intention. I decided to take a favorite song that has a lot of energy behind it and reword it to fit my intention. The words now have an even more positive and powerful energy behind them. This creates a kind of buzz in me which will magnetize my desire and manifest it into reality. I am always learning and exploring. Check out to share my insights. Joseph

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