Comfort Queen – Cpt 21 The Crooked Path


In Chapterテつ 21 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden suggests a gentler way to plan. Instead of squeezing yourself into the latest how to plan your life book, observe the current shape of your life, see what is working, and see where you can iron out the wrinkles. The Comfort Queen says that goals, visualizations and vision maps don’t work because you are trying to tell the world what you think you want, instead of listening and seeing where your path unfolds.テつ

But she assures us there is room for waiting and for trying to have some control. We need the Crooked Path Finders: Insight, Yearning and Intention. Thing rarely go in a straight line, have you noticed? Yet we seem to plan and think like it will. Sometimes meandering is good.テつ

And those interruptions that life keeps throwing our way – maybe it’s time to “open your arms and welcome them.”テつ

I admit it; this was a hard chapter for me. I like making plans and maps and visualizing. I just wrote about it. But, I tend to get frustrated when they don’t happen like they do in my head. Maybe because I am expecting that straight line that isn’t real life.テつ

I think maybe if I just think about the next step or two and at the same time see where life is leading I will still end up where I want to be. And maybe the process that gets me there is slower, but could be more interesting.テつ

Plus one of the things I focus on is how I am being in each situation. And letting go of some of the planning reins can be an experiment. Is it one I am ready for?テつ


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