Comfort Queen Cpt. 26: Yearnings


In Chapter 26 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden discusses the role of the Crooked Path Finder, Yearnings, “Her role is to help us find what we desire but may be afraid or unaware of wanting, or unable to want.”

Some of my yearnings right now:

  • Teaching life skills to my kids
  • Taking a vacation in Montana with the family
  • Making connections with new people, and deepening current connections
  • Enrolling in a drawing class
  • Giving people hope
  • Doing more fun things during the evenings
  • Feeling heathier and more energetic
  • Committing to early rising and creating that as a habit
  • Feeling lighter in spirit

To discover your own yearnings, Jennifer says to ask your body what it’s saying. Write down what you like and dislike about your days. In what ways can you share pleasure with others. What do you want to be in the coming days? Where are you unhappy or stuck? What kind of information are you clipping or saving? What do you never seem to have time for? What types of things did you used to enjoy doing? Ask yourself what you want. Do you see any patterns emerging?

What can you give up for at least a week to make more time to discover your yearnings or to do something about your yearnings?

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