Comfort Queen cpt 27: More Yearnings


In Chapter 27 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden helps us decide how to narrow down our yearnings list. Most of us can’t do all our yearnings at once, due to time and energy constraints.
We can test our yearnings by asking some questions of each of our yearnings.

1. Will it make you feel alive and engaged?

2. Are you hoping your life will be changed or fixed by this yearning?

3. What are you willing to give up to make the time and energy for it?

4. Think of how this yearning will effect your relationships.

5. Decide which 3 yearnings you don’t want to live without.

Now Jennifer suggests putting your top 3 yearnings as how can I questions.

Like for my yearnings I would put, “How can I give others hope?” “How can I feel healthy and energetic?” and “How can I teach my kids life skills?”

Then play around with answering the question. See what comes up. Or don’t. Write it on an index card and post it. Let it seep into your mind. See what happens.

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