Comfort Queen – cpt 28 Desires


In Chapter 28 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden talks more about desire.┬ When you ask questions like,┬ “What do I want?” or “What do I yearn for?”┬ Jennifer says the answers that go in the direction giving you the feeling of genuine freedom are often the answers to follow.

The opposite is true. If a direction feels stifling, it’s probably someone else’s expectation, not yours. And where you feel a lack of freedom in your life, you are probably feeling dissatisfied.

I am re-reading the book, What Happy People Know by Dan Baker and one of the 12 qualities of happiness is the feeling of freedom. Happy people know they have choices. Unhappy people think life happens to them and they have very little choice.

Most of us have many more choices than we think. I read about people choosing lives of meaning instead of money. Or going skydiving at age 70. Or giving hugs at a mall. You just need to make sure you can live with the consequences.

You can make the choice to work less, change jobs, spend your evenings painting instead of watching TV, run less errands,or┬ buy less.
Where in your life do you feel stifled?

What do you desire? What gives you the feeling of freedom?


  • Sham says:

    Here via verve coaching carnival. Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , seems like a good book. It will go to my wish list ­čÖé

    Nice post.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Welcome Sham. Glad to hear it – Jenifer Louden also has a new book called Inner Organizer that uses some of the questions in Comfort Secrets.

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