Comfort Queen ~ Cpt. 30 Glass Half Full


In Chapter 30 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women , Jennifer Louden talks about our tendency, even after we make changes to continue talking about the same old story.

You may have simplified your life quite a bit already. But, if someone asks how you are, you may habitually say, “I am so busy. I have all this going on and I’m feeling overwhelmed.” Once you say the words you start to feel your energy and strength leave.

Jennifer says we need to stay aware so we can keep on track with the changes we want to make. Also to appreciate how far we have come and where we are now. We need to watch the stories we are saying.
“Following your unfolding path, even getting your heart’s desire, always involves wading through a whole lot of cow pies.” she writes. But to protect your strength, we need to stop telling the same, old stories.

One of her questions in Living the Questions:

How do I feel about the choices I’ve been making lately? For me, I’ve been excited about some changes I made in regards to exercise and eating. I have been connecting with the kids and my husband. Now that the kids are in school, I want to connect back with my friends. I am still having trouble sleeping on time. I do not like my choice to sleep in. I want to act like a healthy, energetic woman.

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