Comfort Secret #5


In Chapter 5 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Louden answers the question – why questions? Questions make sure you are following your unique answers and path. “You have the choice to build your life around inner direction or on the externet, eternal whine, “Look how much I have to do.”

My take- I am adamant that you don’t need to live your life the way others tell you to. So many women have taken society’s “shoulds” so seriously they have built their lives around them. Everyone is different, with different purposes. Only you know where you need to go, what path you hear calling you. Questions are one of the best ways to be able to listen to that inner voice or God’s voice, guiding you.

A question from the book- What places will cause you stress this month?
~ getting the kids back into school time mode

And then how can I nurture myself through the stress?
~ take a day off once the kids get into school
~create routines with the kids and post them
~ go to bed earlier
~ music
~ writing
~ yoga

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