Comfort Secrets #14


In Chapter 14 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Jennifer Louden writes, “We have to be careful with this idea of creating our lives. We can easily mix up a heady cocktail of self-importance with a control-freak chaser.”

Instead we should strive for the middle way between creating our lives and recognizing life as it happens to us. Slow down enough to see our path in front of us. Listening to God.

So since we don’t need to always be creating our lives we tend to anxious with the not knowing. We try to bring the unfamiliar and change it to the familiar. The safe. But, we are going to have to dance with fear – want to feel fully alive more than we want to feel comfortable.

A conversation Jennifer had with her Comfort Queen in the book really made me stop. “You make it sound as if I have to live in a constant state of anxiety and fear.”

“Well, don’t you anyway.”

If you move your life around so you don’t feel fear, you are acting out of fear. Out of the fear of feeling fear. It’s time to leap through fear.

This chapter one of the questions asked is, “What am I grateful for?”

My answer of a few things…two warm sunny days in a row…food stocked up in the pantry…finally finding a new swim suit I like…soft pillows…a cat that keeps me company…several wonderful talks with people this week…my family is getting over their sicknesses…planning our vacation…feeling really good today

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