Comfort Secrets #15


In Chapter 15 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Jennifer Louden writes one of my favorite lines in the book, “I gained courage and regained resilience when I gave up wishing that life was other than it was; when I gave up wishing that events were other than they were; when I surrendered to the painful truth of what was.”

√ā¬ I don’t want to be one of those people that keeps saying, “I wish….didn’t happen.” Well, it did happen. And we can’t change it now. But, we don’t need to allow it to keep sucking away our energy. Using creativity and resilience we can overcome.

Also in this chapter is the idea of spirals – finding the same things, but from different perspectives. Each time a problem comes to you, you will have learned better how to accept things that happen.

We are happier when we increase our capacity for conflict and capacity. Something always happens. This is life. Yet, so many people (and sometimes I) act like everything should run smoothly all the time.

We don’t want to fall apart when our daughter needs cookies for the bake sale and she just told us about it. Or our son can’t find his soccer shoes. So I am going to increase my capacity.

One of the questions from this chapter, “If I let my body talk, what would she say?” I had a massage today after not having had one for about a year. I was tight in all sort so places. I was carrying tension in my shoulders, my wrist and my jaw and didn’t even realize it. I already made my next massage appointment and also will do a little self-massage on my wrists and jaw.

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