Comfort Secrets #19 Mindful Listening


In Chapter 19 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Jennifer Louden tells us we get to create our life anew each day.√ā¬ But in order to know what we want to choose , to create our life, we need to slow down so we have time to deliberate, contemplate, listen. Otherwise our inner world cannot keep up with our actions.

We need that little space between an event and our response to it, so we can choose more consciously.

“Don’t move until you honestly stop to listen.”

How many days do you speed through, doing your routines, responding in habit, not even stopping to think if this is what you need or want or value?

One of her questions this chapter is, “How can I cherish and enchant my sweet self?” I love this question. It helps my mind jump to fantasyland where I lived as a child and still can when I remember. Today it was visiting a new farmer’s market, much bigger than the one close to me. I dressed in a flouncy skirt and a flowery light shawl pretending I was in Provence. I strolled enjoying the sights and smells. Along with fruits and vegetables, I brought home long stemmed Irises the colors of sunsets for the kitchen table.


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