Comfort Secrets #9


In Chapter Nine of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Jennifer Louden asks, “What is a Comfort Queen?” Is it someone who needs to loofah, have perfect nails and doesn’t get up until noon? Or is she something more?

Comfort is really about what is best for us, not what feels good. Comfort is sometimes uncomfortable because it requires you to live your life fully. Comfort means to strengthen, soothe, befriend, refresh. Queen means to the right to rule your own life as you while being accountable to God and others of your own choosing. Comfort strengthens and is about becoming powerful.


So often when I talk to women about self-care, they think it’s all about pampering and other things they don’t have time for. Really, it’s more about making daily choices that are the best for you. Choosing to go to bed early instead of watching late night TV. Getting up to exercise instead of sleeping in. Eating the orange instead of the donut. Making yourself feel more energetic and alive. What is one step you can take to comfort yourself?

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