In this chapter the Comfort Queen is introduced. Not your quiet, fairy godmother type. Instead she is brash, blunt and does as she pleases.

In chapter three we learn about ‘divine balance’. “Perfect balance is a magazine article, not a life.” But, by slowing down and asking thought provoking questions we can find a wholeness, centeredness and a connection with God.

So how do we ask the questions : write them, journal them, walk them, dance them, sculpt them, sing them, do yoga with them, meditate them or pray them. Decide on a regular, listening habit.

Jennifer says you can shift into listening mode by doing some sun salutations, breathing deeply, going outside, reading something inspirational, or taking a bath.

A Question- What do I need less of in my life? Seriousness.
What is one modest step I can take? I will allow interupptions. So often these are the divine guidances – they are what is missing. They are what is important, not necessarily what I am doing right now.

Off to play a game with my daughter who needs me right now.

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