Comfort Secrets cpt 4


Lounging on a bed. Jennifer Louden writes that often times we forget we have the power to change some things – especially our attitude. Instead we get stuck doing the same things in the same ways. Instead of just following routine, we can stop and listen for guidance.

Her comfort queen says, “You’ve got to create with what you’ve been given rather than obsess about what you’d wish you’d been given.” Let’s shape our lives from the inside out, instead of letting the outside shape our lives. Do we really want work, worries about what people will think about us, or other’s expectations be the guide to our lives?

A question: “What are the signs that I am getting out of harmony?” I sleep too long, eat too much, zone out to books or the computer, lose focus and concentration, feel blah, get grumpy, come down with headaches, feel constantly rushed, miss fun and nurturing activities because I ‘don’t have time’, find negative thoughts cropping up more frequently and I get insomnia.

How do you tell when you are getting out of harmony?

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