Coming home routine


Do you have a coming home routine?


One of the main reasons it’s so difficult to get out the door on time, is because the coming home is haphazard with things getting thrown where ever.

But, if you practice a routine when you come home, it will be much easier to leave on time.

Mine is:

  • Come home
  • Put the keys on the key rack
  • Take off shoes or boots at the door with the shoe cubby and boot tray
  • Put my gloves, ear muffs, sunglasses away in the container for these
  • Hang up my coat
  • Take my phone out of my purse and put on desk
  • Hang up my purse in my office
  • Put away anything that I brought in with me

So when it’s time to go, I only have trouble when I don’t do one of the things above. Then it’s, "Have you seen my keys?" and "Where did I put my purse?"

(Can you tell which two I don’t do the most?)

You can also teach your kids a routine so getting to school on time is easier. (Even putting it in the back of the closet door or a similar reminder.)

If you are coming home to people at home, it’s fun to add hugs and kisses.


Photo by Love Maegan


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  • Greta says:

    Beth, do you have any suggestions how to organize old family photographs? I really enjoy your weekly tips and your sweet attitude – you manage to take the’overwhelmed’ feeling away.

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