Connect with those you love

One of the biggest reasons for simplifying the holidays is to have more time to spend with those you love.

When you aren’t shopping, you can bake together, play games together or view the lights.

When you aren’t being a perfectionistic, control freak with the decorations, it can be a fun time of music and laughter with the whole family.

When you invite others the share with cooking holiday dinners, you can take more time to talk with people instead of playing the martyr.

This year, really connect. Stay present in conversations. Think about what you would love to know about someone and ask the deeper questions. Don’t settle for superficial conversations.


Here is a list of great questions to ask.

Instead of gathering around the TV, gather around the piano. Or gather in the living room for conversation.

Put a limit to the handheld games and cell phone use by the kids. Get out the old boardgames instead or go outside for skiing or snowshoeing.

Think about different ways you can connect deeper with those you love.

Photo Credit: Chip Griffin