Conquering the Paper Pileup

My site was up and down all week so I apologize if you had any trouble.

Usually I go through my mail every day or every other day. When I don’t I get the dreaded paper pileup.

My favorite way to take care of it, is to turn on a movie or TV program I wanted to see. I sit in the living room floor with my paper pile next to me.

Next I sort:

  • things to put on the calendar
  • receipts to shred
  • receipts for taxes or for big items
  • trash
  • articles/things to read
  • magazines
  • to file
  • to do (RSVP, paper to fill out, person to write)
  • coupons
  • bills
  • papers for projects

Now I am surrounded by various piles. Then during the commercials, I write things on the calendar and toss that paper. Next I shred the receipts. I put the other receipts in either the tax folder or my monthly receipt folders. Trash gets thrown out/recycled.

Articles and magazines I place in a basket. I file the to file pile on the spot.

To do’s I put on my to do list with the date next to it. Then I place the paper in a tickler file under the date I want to do it.

If I don’t already have a file for a project, I quick create one with a label maker and fill it with the project papers.

And finally my coupons are placed in a coupon folder.

Do you have any paper you need to quickly go through? You won’t believe how much paper you can go through during one TV show.