I help the overwhelmed create saner, simpler lives.

I deliver…

Untamed possibility. Breathe easier simplicity. Hope.
On the wings of understanding and encouragement.
Step-by-step breaking down from “No way!” to ”Why not?”

If you have felt overwhelmed by a world of do more, do it faster and do it perfectly, you are in the right place.

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The Journey

  • I graduated from Hope College, in Holland MI, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Got married and had kids right after graduating. I flitted from being a newspaper reporter and published magazine article writer, to a stay-at-home mom to a web designer to a graphic designer before I discovered what I was meant to do in 2002.
  • My years as a full time graphic designer were pressure-filled with tight deadlines and perfectionism. I researched all I could to keep myself sane. When that job ended, I became a certified Family Manager Coach and took many other courses, seminars and retreats. I love to learn. Now I educate others on simplifying their lives.
  • I’ve helped people declutter & organize, lose weight, learn to manage time, gain self-confidence, learn to focus, practice self care and simplify their lives so they can do what’s most important to them and their family. I love giving hope to people that come to me thinking it can’t be done.
  • I was not born organized, I’ve had to learn the skills. Things like overcoming perfectionism and procrastination. And knowing what is for dinner before 5pm.
  • Decluttered my home with a lovely group of online friends in 1999 which inspired my Declutter Group. My biggest class every year.
  • Dealt with finances and worry the year I was out of work and the year my husband was laid off. Created a financial systems class to make finances less scary and much easier.
  • Did radio and magazine interviews. I guess the singing in choir and doing plays in high school & college helped. I’ve been back to doing musicals once or twice a year in the chorus.
  • In Feb 2011 my 18 year old son was killed. I have learned first hand what is important. I can see clearly and help you see clearly.
  • Talked decluttering a loved one’s possessions with Nate Berkus and almost didn’t because I was too scared
  • I am 4 ft 11 (almost)
  • I’ve been exercising regularly since high school. What I am enjoying most right now: Zumba and Groove classes, hikes in nature, my new kettleball, and yoga.
  • When I’m not coaching, writing and helping with my grandson, I love to hang out at Lake Michigan or anywhere outdoors, sing, and read. I’ve also taken to riding with my husband on his motorcycle, scary at first but now I love it!
  • I also love being part of the worship team and choir & enjoy serving in my church.

If you want to become a client, sign up for a free session and see if we are compatible. I am an encouraging and sensitive coach, rather that a go, go, go pressure coach. I know change is hard and I want to make it as easy as possible.

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      Wow. Thanks for your great article, A Less Expensive More Meaningful Christmas. I loved it, and mentioned it in a recent blog post:
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