Corralling Craft Supplies

Craft and hobby things can take over a home. And Quatrefoil says she has only a small apartment, so what to do with hobby supplies?


The first step is decluttering. I know crafty types like to keep everything because it may be used in a project at some point in time. But you are limiting time and space for current and loved projects.

And if you have partly finished projects, finish those before going on to another project or decide you are no longer interested in the project and give the material away. (Yes, it’s ok not to finish a project.)

Hiding Your Supplies

Find out what storage space you have. Separate the area, even if it is just with a screen to corral some of the mess.

There are art bags that can hold things like scrapbook and card supplies, quilting, sewing, knitting, etc. Keeping it in one or two bags will keep it from taking over your home. Then when you want to create you can wheel it over to the kitchen table.

A closet with doors that close can be good for keeping it out of sight.

You can also try an armoire or stand up cabinet and add shelves to it for your craft supplies.

Those four door plastic carts can hold things then wheel into a closet until you are ready to use it.

We use a long thin basket for our newspapers that goes under the couch. You can see if you can fit a current craft project in one. And some ottamans open up and you can put things like knitting projects in them. End tables and coffee tables often have places to store things as well.

Other storage ideas at Country Living

Craft Room

sewing desk

Norma Nack’s Sewing Room


For people with more space, they might want to convert a room or part of the basement into a craft center. The most important thing is to keep like with like and label everything. What groups of things do you need to organize for your craft room?

My daughter has an old table in the basement and corrals things with a cabinet and various shoe boxes, a plastic drawer system and a few big boxes under the table for material.

It’s not necessary to buy expensive organizers. Most people have boxes, baskets and containers around their house that can be used.

Try a pegboard for crafting tools.

Bookshelves lined with boxes for craft supplies work well.

Hang things on the walls like in Ali’s fantastic scrapbook room.

And see if you can find some tips at DIY Maven’s simple craft room.


Don’t browse hobby stores and pick up something cute you might want some day if space is an issue for you. Buy by the project.

How do you organize your craft space?