Courage of Alignment

Steph at Creative Living Experiment was talking about the Courage of Alignment yesterday. How it takes courage to live to your values. I think this is a big place that people that long for a simpler life get tripped up. We forget that we do need that courage.

It takes courage to say no to a request to do something you don’t have time to do if you want to do the important things. You can feel peer pressure when it seems "everyone" has the latest gadget and you don’t. It can be scary turning down a promotion that would give you more money, but have you traveling out of town more than you and your family would like.

It’s hard to give up the status symbols or to not moan about how busy you are like everyone else does.

And most people don’t like to admit they even care what "everyone else thinks." But, being human, most of us do.

This December there will be a lot to try to pull you away from a simpler life. When you have choices to make, try being aware of the courage needed to make decisions based on what is important to you and your family. And be gentle with yourself.


Photo by Paul Simpson