Cozy Evening

For those in the northern hemisphere, this is the time we want to feel cozy. We had hail when I was coming home from choir practice yesterday and the wind was biting.

But, do we take the time to be cozy. Do we schedule cozy time?

The other evening my husband was at a friend’s house so I created cozy time. (You can see this blog post for making a cozy space.) I put some hot cocoa in a mug next to the couch, got some water and snacks, a fetched my journal, planner and the newest Bella Grace magazine. I lit a few candles, turned down the lights. and space heater on.  I gathered my fleece blanket.

One of my friends says she likes to have chocolate chip cookies and a fire, while reading

Once I was set up, I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie which is not normally my style, but perfect for cozy night. I drank my hot cocoa.

Then I read some of the Bella Grace magazine and filled out the prompts in my journal. I did a little planning for the rest of the year – what I wanted to do, feel, and enjoy.  Petting the cat, while I listened to music. I read a few chapters of my novel before my husband came home.

What would your cozy evening be like?