Crazy Time

I am ultra sensitive to overwhelm, which allows me to catch it before I drown in it. And I’ve had to create a life of as much space and quiet time as I can. But, I am also learning to fall into a crazy week and know it will be ok. I have been helping a coach get a lot of things ready for the Coachville Conference on May 4th. I have been working lots of hours, short deadlines, along with my business, family, home, etc. This week has been so busy and next week will be too.

I will survive though because I know there is an end in sight. I also did things like make sure I got to the pool with the kids to swim out some stress and have fun. And turned off my phone and computer for an evening. And I won’t miss my bi-weekly lunch with a friend tomorrow.

It’s easy to get caught up in a “everything is an emergency” mode. But, most things aren’t. Where can you chill?