Creating A Life Based Around Who You Are


In the Moving Towards Simplicity series, one of the questions I posed was Who are you? It’s important to know who you and your family is so you aren’t creating a life around who you wish you were, or who your idol is, or who you think society wants you to be.

So how can you create a life based on who you are?

  • Schedule your time based on whether you are in introvert who needs more alone time or an extrovert who needs more social time.
  • If you love to create to you have time or space to do that?
  • Make time to nurture your strengths.
  • Does your home nurture you or make you feel like you are home?
  • Are your knick-knacks based on who you are now or phases from the past?
  • Do your clothes work with what you do on a daily basis?
  • Cull your closet until all the clothes feel great on you.
  • Only get lotions and bath gels whose scent you love.
  • Experiment with your hair so it matches the texture of your hair so it’s easy to style.
  • Wear only colors that look great on you. Simplify your wardrobe by having a core collection of colors and neutrals.
  • How do you relate to your spirituality? Do you have time, place, practices or people to express your faith?
  • Base your learning on how you learn best. Don’t try to learn from audio books when you soak in much more by reading.
  • How could you make work more you? Hours, changing up your cubicle, creating boundaries with co-workers, making pot luck nights.
  • Get involved in causes that mean something to you, not help just because someone asked.
  • What kind of stationary, email frequency, phone call etiquette is you?
  • Next time you entertain be more authentic in the planning. Make connecting more important than impressing.
  • Do exercise you love to do, not exercise you think you have to do.
  • Create a morning ritual that centers you.

How else can you match who you are with your life?


  • Tammy says:

    Great tips! Your tip on entertaining…being more authentic and connecting more than impressing. I read this while planning a birthday party for my 6 year old. I do not like to plan any kind of party, but with this tip in mind, I was able to pull out my creativity (putting ‘feeling stupid’ aside). It was important this, year due to a sad and unsuccessful birthday last year. It was a small party but a huge success. Even the adults said it was the best kids party ever! And my little girl had “the best day ever mom!” Thank you for reminding me whats important.

  • Beth says:

    Oh I am so glad to hear this Tammy!

  • Robin says:

    Great post Beth-very thought provoking, thank you!

  • Robin says:

    This is worth hanging on to and re-reading. Thank you. Just finished praying for your daughter and you.

  • Lisa says:

    I so needed to read this. Feel like God sent me to this page. Feeling like life is smothering me…Hectic work, aging parents,busy husband, active kids…NO time for me and desperately in need of time to figure out who I am. I am going to take time this weekend to answer the questions above. On the outside it looks like my life is great but on the inside I feel overwhelmed with “life” clutter and like my true desired life is passing me by.

  • Jennifer G says:

    You know, you’d think these things would be common sense, but there are so many things on this list that I don’t or haven’t done. Guess it is time I started customizing my life 🙂

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