Creating A Life Based Around Who You Are

In the Moving Towards Simplicity series, one of the questions I posed was Who are you? It’s important to know who you and your family is so you aren’t creating a life around who you wish you were, or who your idol is, or who you think society wants you to be.

So how can you create a life based on who you are?

  • Schedule your time based on whether you are in introvert who needs more alone time or an extrovert who needs more social time.
  • If you love to create to you have time or space to do that?
  • Make time to nurture your strengths.
  • Does your home nurture you or make you feel like you are home?
  • Are your knick-knacks based on who you are now or phases from the past?
  • Do your clothes work with what you do on a daily basis?
  • Cull your closet until all the clothes feel great on you.
  • Only get lotions and bath gels whose scent you love.
  • Experiment with your hair so it matches the texture of your hair so it’s easy to style.
  • Wear only colors that look great on you. Simplify your wardrobe by having a core collection of colors and neutrals.
  • How do you relate to your spirituality? Do you have time, place, practices or people to express your faith?
  • Base your learning on how you learn best. Don’t try to learn from audio books when you soak in much more by reading.
  • How could you make work more you? Hours, changing up your cubicle, creating boundaries with co-workers, making pot luck nights.
  • Get involved in causes that mean something to you, not help just because someone asked.
  • What kind of stationary, email frequency, phone call etiquette is you?
  • Next time you entertain be more authentic in the planning. Make connecting more important than impressing.
  • Do exercise you love to do, not exercise you think you have to do.
  • Create a morning ritual that centers you.

How else can you match who you are with your life?