Creating Serenity

Life is messy, chaotic and sometimes loud. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get away to someplace serene?


You could create a sacred space to pray, read or meditate.

You could go someplace quiet like the library, the woods, a little corner in your backyard, an empty church.

Or you could create a sacred space that can always be with you know matter what is happening around you.

Stop. Breathe. In… out… in… out… in…out. Now picture in your mind a place or thing that reminds you of serenity. Waves lapping at a quiet beach. The view from a mountaintop. Sitting by a stream. Praying in a monastary.  That tree you used to visit as a kid. Swans on a lake.

Keep picturing it until you start feeling more relaxed.

How will you create serenity today?


Photo Credit: Luza