Daily Planner – Part 1


Marcia has shown off her cool planner system and asked to see mine. I think this is a great idea, because everyone is wired differently. A planner system I use may not work for you, but maybe Marcia’s would. Or other’s that are showing their planners.

I don’t use a traditional planner anymore. I used to use Franklin Covey Planners, but then my life got more complicated. That system quit working for me.

Above you will see my paper based system:

A) My routine checklist clipboard – it holds my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly checklists along with a weekly planning checklist. They are in sheet protectors so I can use dry erase markers that wipe off. I keep the lists on computer. If they ever need changing I can modify it then print the new list off.

B) My office notebook – a cute pink plaid notebook that I keep next to my desk. If I think of a to do I write it down. It’s where I can write quick notes to remember, the name of the graphic I am uploading for my blog and anything else. It’s what stops sticky notes for me. It’s free form and can get pretty messy. When I have finished processing everything on the page I make a big diagonal line over it.

C) The 3rd piece is my Moleskine notebook. This is my idea journal for quotes, book notes, things to blog about, course ideas, mind maps, to read lists, URL’s to visit. In the front I have a loose index in categories with the page number. This is what I take with me, because you never know when an idea will strike.


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