Daily Planner – Part 2


Yesterday I showed you the paper based part of planning my life. Today I will let you view the digital part. One of the reasons full paper systems don’t work for me is that plans change and it’s a pain to rewrite to do’s.

So for my Master List I use HiTask:

I’ve used different programs in the past, but the color really caught my eye on this one.

I can quickly add my to do’s. And it has different views:

  • by color (I use it for various life categories like home, errands, business, etc.)
  • date due
  • projects
  • and users for when I delegate tasks to others.

I love being able to move my to do’s around by priority just by dragging and dropping.

You can also add reminders, notes, annual birthdays and celebrations, meetings and chat with people on your team.

Then on the left it shows appointments and what is due today.


When I clear out my email inbox, desk notebook, paper inbox, and voice mail I put the to do’s right into HiTask. Usually many things from the desk notebook are done before it’s time to input.

I also have a color for my possibility list for things I may do in the future.

Bright pinkish red at the top is for my must do’s/daily to do list. In the evening I drag and drop 3-7 things for the next day I am sure I can get done.

HiTask has a free version, but it doesn’t allow most people enough to do’s. I purchased the small annual fee to get unlimited use.

My other favorite online task managers (these are all free):

Simple GTD

Remember the Milk

Ta Da List

Tu Du List


  • Marcia says:

    Oh. My. Word.

    Beth, I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been playing around with these for the last hour. I will let you know which one I like best.

    Looks like Simple GTD for work and ta da list for personal

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Glad you found some you liked, Marcia!

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