Date Day

My husband and I rarely have date nights, instead we have date days. He works 3rd shift and sometimes gets up early around noon. This Friday we went to Applebees for lunch and shared a nachos. Afterwards, we took a drive along the lakeshore to look at the changing trees. The wind was strong and the leaves were falling like rain at times. We also went to Lake Michigan and watched the waves pound the pier, spraying high. The rain was pouring by this time, but I was able to take some pictures of the trees from my window when it was only slightly raining. And some pictures of our cat that were on the same disk.

Adobe Web Photo Gallery – 10/16/2004

fall1 fall2 fall3
fall1.jpg fall2.jpg fall3.jpg
fall4 isthatasmile sleepingcat
fall4.jpg isthatasmile.jpg sleepingcat.jpg


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