Declutter by Not Decluttering

I read a tip in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s newest book Moving On, about an interesting way to declutter.

She suggests photographing your hot spots of clutter. Then looking at one of the clutter pictures and figure out what the clutter is trying to tell you about yourself and your home.

What aren’t you acknowledging? What is unfulfilled? How are you feeling about yourself? Why do you keep buying certain things? What do they represent to you?

Then for a full week, look at the clutter picture before you go to bed. But, no decluttering.

By the end of the week, all that thinking about why you have the clutter will make you want to plow through the hot spot. Sarah says it’s "because your subconscious mind has been sifting and sorting all week long."

Waiting for a week, keeps you from just shifting your clutter around as you might do if you started right away.

She suggests doing one hot spot a week.