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You know what to do, you’ve been trying by yourself for years only to throw in the towel after a few big decluttering sessions.

Decluttering works better together. Support. Accountability. “Way to go”s.

New Session Begins … TBA

The pandemic has been having us spend more time at home. And there is no hiding from the clutter.

Some people actually got more clutter during this time, soothing anxiety with online buying or not taking care of things since, “no one is going to see the house anyway.” Online/homeschooling have led to more papers and books around the house.

Others got a burst of energy, tired of seeing the clutter day in and day out. They have used this time to declutter and gain more space. It was the push they needed. More got exhausted and overwhelmed, realizing how much they wanted to declutter but not knowing where to start. Everywhere they turned was another reminder they have too much stuff.

The clutter drains your energy, something that is already in short supply. It’s hard to focus when there is stuff everywhere. When you are home more, it becomes obvious something needs to be done.

How about you? Have you participated in the great decluttering? Or has overwhelm stopped you?

Do you wish you could run away from home and have a cleaning fairy do it for you?

How do you want your home to look and feel?

Ask yourself, “What is my ideal home?”

Imagine what your home would look like. Would you be able to eat at the kitchen table because it would be free from papers? Or are you enjoying a peaceful night’s rest in your serene bedroom?

Maybe you welcome friends and family for visits and they complement you on your comfortable home. Can you see your living room ready for company?

Are you able to get ready in the morning because you aren’t searching through all your toiletries?

Is your desk clear and ready for focused work?

Are you starting to see the possibilities of less clutter and more serenity?

It’s time to get it!

Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now

Time to Declutter – Sign Up Today for Only $47

Mark Down the Dates!

The next session of Get a Handle on You Clutter Group begins January 23, 2023.

We have class every Monday evening at 8pm ET for 6 weeks in my private chat room. If you can’t make it, transcripts are sent, usually right after class.

I want you to know you are capable of organizing and decluttering even if you weren’t “born organized.” There are many skills to learn to help you declutter that go beyond just do it. And these skills will help you in other areas of your life as well.


Let go of what no longer works in your life

Program Overview

  • Six week online program
  • Participate from all over the world, we usually have members across the globe
  • Simple Declutter Plan to print out or have that you can use over and over again
  • Weekly Chats and transcripts for coaching, motivation, teaching and questions. Every group is different as we focus on what you need.
  • Accountability group in Facebook for daily check-ins and encouragement. The group and I will give you cheering, kudos, and a kick in the pants when you ‘don’t wanna’.
  • To see a pay off, the declutter group will require a commitment. The more time you put into it, the better the results. But, even if you only have 5 minutes a day, your house will be better than it was the day before.

Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now

Time to Declutter – Sign Up Today for Only $47

Even if you’ve never stuck with decluttering before, you can in these 6 weeks!

We go deeper than, “just do it!” I know that there is an emotional component to decluttering. I’ve seen that when someone gets stuck it’s rarely about the stuff. We also delve into how you see yourself – that makes a big difference in decluttering success. I can help you trust yourself again.

What others are saying about the declutter group:

I got more decluttering done during this class than any time in the past 10 years!Cori

Taking the declutter workshop helped me see the areas needed to be worked on, actually making the time to do small steps and stick to my small increments as I felt accountable to the group. Lots of items were given away allowing my house and me to breathe. I feel better, have less stress and more energy!Jo in Michigan

I was so happy with the support and encouragement that Beth showed! Daily check ins helped keep me motivated in areas where I had not succeeded before. The difference in my home was noticeable, and I love having a craft area back!Tamara Havens

I’ve never stayed with decluttering this well before.Cathy

I have been a part of Beth’s program for a while, and one issue at a time, I make progress each time I join. It’s fun and encouraging to work together like this. It reminds me of my mom and aunt helping each other out whenever our families visited each other. They had fun and got stuff done!Lois

It’s reassuring to see others are struggling with it, too. I think it’s a good, supportive environment that encourages you to continue.Emily

What a wonderful program! Not only did the Declutter Club keep me focused and accountable, it was also there as a means of support when the going got tough. The Declutter Club was instrumental in helping me create a habit of decluttering. I am really looking forward to the next group.Maryann, NY

Your Decluttering Success Story Here

Time to Declutter – Sign Up Today for Only $47

Meet Your Decluttering Hand-Holder and Teacher

I’m Beth Dargis and I’ve been teaching people how to simplify their lives and declutter for almost 20 years. I am a certified Family Home Manager Coach and creator of the viral Declutter Calendar. I did an online show at the Huffington Post with Nate Berkus and have been featured in numerous magazine articles.

My goal is to help you focus and have fun support to get your decluttering done.

In 1999, I had just moved into a new house and had stuff I hadn’t even looked at for over two years. I knew I needed help. I went to some online support boards.

But, it took quite a few years to get where I am now. I would get sidetracked or move onto other projects, leaving half done decluttering projects everywhere.

I didn’t really have a plan. I was just allowing myself to follow whatever I felt like doing next. It seemed nothing got finished and I didn’t see any progress.

So I wrote out a nice plan on what I wanted to declutter, when.

I think that worked about three days before it was buried as well.

I knew in my gut that plan was completely impossible to do given my schedule. I had such high hopes.

Sitting down on the floor next to a pile, I didn’t know whether to scream or to cry.

Where was the home I envisioned? I seemed stuck in this cluttered house, not knowing how to crawl out of the mess.

After years of that, I knew I needed help. I joined a group online and finally got organized and decluttered. We checked in with each other, encouraged each other even when no one else in the household did, and felt like kindred spirits. It only seemed like most people had it together. We knew the truth.

  • I only have clothes in my closet that I love
  • My basement storage area has labeled boxes and I know what is in them
  • I have a maintenance plan so my house doesn’t get overrun (I took two bags over to Goodwill the other day)
  • I don’t have piles all over the place
  • My papers and mail are all caught up
  • My office, which seems to get cluttered the fastest, gets back in shape quickly

Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now

Time to Declutter – Sign Up Today for Only $47

Would you like to be well on your way to a decluttered home in the next two months?

Well, who wouldn’t?

Keep in mind, if you play with the declutter plan, you could...
  • have room to move, live, think
  • get rid of more clutter than you thought possible
  • open your home to more people
  • begin to have clarity of mind and focus
  • effectively learn to make decisions about your possessions
  • go from despair to hope
  • learn to maintain a clutter free home
  • have room for you in your home

Finally, room for you and your family in your house. Having your home nurture you, instead of being an energy drainer.

How would you like to make more and more space?

Now remember, having less clutter does not make you a better person. It is not to make you feel more acceptable to others. The person that declutters most does not win. The reason to declutter is to make your home or office work for you and your family.

You could keep working with your home on your own. But, how long have you been trying that?

It’s up to you!

You have taught me to believe in myself and to take things slowly, one step at a time, keep sight of my goals, both short term and long term.

Your coaching style was both nurturing and motivating, you seemed to intuitively know some days what I needed most. Your caring and understanding was so appreciated and it came from the heart. Holly C.

What are your declutter plans?

Raise your hand if you have tried these before?

  • Cramming a year’s worth of decluttering into a day with nothing to show for it
  • Taking everything out of your closet, getting overwhelmed with the mess and then shoving it all back in a week later
  • Going through a pile then making even more piles with your sorting, which never seems to end
  • Reading a How to Declutter book, then getting sidetracked after a couple of days
  • Energetically tackling an area, then crashing with exhaustion before it was completed
  • Decluttering, with almost everything going into a maybe pile
  • Making a New Year’s resolution to finally declutter your house, only to find it December and the house looks the same as in January (or worse after a year of added clutter)


It’s OK, I did all of those myself. But, it is time to banish these ineffective methods forever.

Instead, let’s take the steps that really produce results.

It’s time for a systematic plan and a group to support you

You want a simple plan, that will integrate into your busy life and will solve your clutter problem.

So I have created the: 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group. I love simplicity as most of you know, so I didn’t want this to be a complicated, time waster.

Instead I have laid out the plan step-by-step in an easy to use workbook.

And this workbook is only part of the system.

Fun support included

We will be using a private facebook group for accountability and support. Private, as in, no one can search and find the group. The only way to get to it is through me.

The chats are online in my chat room, so we don’t have to worry about noisy kids or dogs barking.

Join the “Declutter Group” as we take control of our homes. Wouldn’t it be great to say, “I have this object that I just don’t know whether to toss or save…” And get help making that decision.

Of course, I am available and would love to coach you one on one: but that would be over $300 for the two months of coaching.

I want as many people as possible to enjoy living in their homes, so you can enroll in the 6-week decluttering program for $47.00. My guess is that you have already spent more than that in decluttering books over the years, but your house isn’t much better.

The funny thing is many of the declutter group participants made more than $47 just by selling their stuff or uncovering lost checks.

You need a plan, plus support.


Enroll in the 6-Week “Get a Handle on Your Clutter” Group Now

Time to Declutter – Sign Up Today for Only $47

If you have any questions please email me at: beth @ mysimplerlife .com (without the spaces).

Wishing you a peaceful, serene, comfortable home.




  • Suzanne Bartholomew says:

    I’ve decluttered with you before and had great success. Sadly, my house doesn’t stay uncluttered. A maintenance system is definitely needed. I’m looking forward to the class.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    I remember you, Suzanne 🙂 I look forward to working with you again!

  • Ann Chambers says:

    Beautiful photos of the snow we are having horizon bushfires here in Australia it is so lovely to see the snow

  • Beth Dargis says:

    I know, we have been reading about them, praying and sending money over here. Such a hard time. I wish I could send over this snow and rain!

  • Ann Chambers says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers the smoke here is so bad would love some rain

  • Bonnie Lacy says:

    Oh, Beth, I’m baaaaaack! Things are not as bad as last time but I still need to get a handle on these things. I enjoy your help and look forward to it. Take care. Stay safe.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Hi Bonnie, I am happy to work with you again!

  • Nancy N says:

    Well Beth, I have been lurking in the background for many years 🙂 following your Decluttering tips and enjoying your weekly newsletter. I have always enjoyed your calendars and insights, and your book Messy Grieving was so helpful to me after losing my mother last year.

    The promise I made to myself this year is to transfer my home back into my peaceful oasis rather than an additional source of stress…which means it’s the right time to take your course.

    I’m signing up today and look forward to working together with everyone on this path!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I’d love to help you bring your home back to a peaceful oasis! We’ll be here for you.

  • Arun somasundaram says:

    Beth, I just signed up for your online program. Let me know when it starts. Thanks

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