Declutter Group FAQ


I’ve been getting quite a few emails with questions on the Declutter Group that starts Monday. So I thought I’d post the questions and answers here for you.

1) What is the format of the Declutter Group?

This is an online group. I do weekly chats in my private chat room. And we use a private facebook group for accountability. Transcripts and lessons will be sent through email.

2) When are the chats?

Mondays at 8pm Eastern time starting Oct 5th

3) What if I can’t make the chats?

The transcripts will be sent so you won’t miss anything. But, the chats are fun to go to.

4) I don’t do Facebook

You don’t have to join the private Facebook group. But, part of the results of this group is the accountability and encouragement from fellow group members. You can always join just for this and not friend anyone else – ever. Also, sometimes fellow students hook up for accountability during the chats.

5) I will miss the first chat/week of the group, can I still join?

We have people join up each time when the group is half over. You can still get a lot of decluttering done.

6) Do I have to declutter a certain area?

Everyone is decluttering different parts of their home. You will create your personal Declutter Plan and can declutter anywhere. Don’t know where to start? We talk about that as well.

7) What if I have health issues?

Many of the people in the declutter groups have chronic pain or other issues that give you less energy. You only need to do what you can do. And you can still make progress.

8) What is the time commitment?

Minimum 5 minutes. The more you declutter the bigger the results. But, you can make more progress than you think in just 5 minutes a day.

You can check it out here to see if it’s for you: Declutter Group

“Taking the declutter workshop helped me see the areas needed to be worked on, actually making the time to do small steps and stick to my small increments as I felt accountable to the group. Lots of items were given away allowing my house and me to breathe. I feel better, have less stress and more energy! ”

– Jo in Michigan

“What a wonderful program!  Not only did the Declutter Club keep me focused and accountable, it was also there as a means of support when the going got tough.  The Declutter Club was instrumental in helping me create a habit of decluttering.  I am really looking forward to the next group.”

– Maryann, NY


  • Pauline Warden says:

    I did not recieve my copy of 2013 declutter calendar,will u please send me another one to download. Thank you Pauline

  • Beth says:

    Hi Pauline, the calendar will be in each Weekly Simplicity Tips

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